We go where the story takes us.

We are storytellers, logistical wizards, intrepid travelers, unabashedly creative, fearless, and adventurous. We go where the story takes us; from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to Mt. Denali’s summit, we follow the story where it leads, and we deliver it to you.

We are content creators, and we have been making content for 35 years in over 190 countries and both the north and south poles. We are not flashy, nor do we feel it is essential to market ourselves as our content speaks for itself.

In short, we are mere storytellers who condensed the universe into a mentally digestible amount of space and time for viewers from the Arctic Circle to the hills of Patagonia. We are lovers of all animals, humans, and all Fauna and Flora, and we respect our planet and its environment.

We work in many languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Aleut, Yupik, Russian, Nunavut, Apachean, Algic, Algonquian, Cree, Crow, Sioux Uto-Aztecan, Manguean, Mixe-Zoque, and Murican.

We are one of many.


Atlantic America LLC is part of Atlantic Factual PLC, a group of independently branded companies, operating in forty-nine countries. The group was established in 1993 and has grown organically from one small company to fifty-four businesses with holdings in real estate, technology, content, and highly talented people.  We belong to a global community and we operate in forty-nine countries, sixty-five languages, hundreds of cultures and we celebrate our difference which make us stronger together. 

In 2023 we are committed to doing more.

It is our goal for 2023 and beyond that we do more to help our global community.   

This is a year to give back to the communities we serve and live within.  

We will be achieving our goal differently in every country.  

Do more for all in 2023. 

We are creative.

We connect the best creative talent and create timeless shows—irresistible entertainment – from every corner of the world, for every corner of the world.

We are innovators.

Great ideas can come from anywhere – which is why we’ll go anywhere to find stories that haven’t been told and to tell them as no-one else can.

We welcome all.

Wherever you work, whatever your responsibilities, whatever your ambitions, we will nurture and champion the creativity in you. If you want to join the global Atlantic family, get in touch with us.

We do no harm.

Beyond entertainment, we want to stand for bigger things – we call that Creative Responsibility. Our strategy focuses on where commercial relevance meets social and environmental impact. It enables Atlantic to tackle issues and seize opportunities to make an impact on the industry and society through our business, production, and content.

    Representation by Buchwald.

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